15 Steps to Success: The High-Performance Website Playbook

If you want success for your online business you probably have done a lot of research and read a lot of articles with not much to show for it. This post is different. I’m going to take you by the hand and show you what it takes to make a high-performing website or e-commerce store, get to the top of Google Search and focus your marketing and advertising dollars on high-converting campaigns.

New Playbook being published in September

Here are the chapter highlights


Infrastructure is to online business what a pit-crew, engineers and support staff is to a race team. Without high-performing infrastructure, your online business will never win, no matter how much effort, time and money you put into everything else.

Website Hosting

Think of website hosting as your personal pit crew. If they are slow, so is your race car. Who wins races without a support crew?

Website Security

You wouldn’t leave your car in the street with the keys in the ignition. So don’t leave your website vulnerable to hackers.

WordPress Tuning

Your website is the engine of your online business – and should be expertly built and tuned for performance.


Great websites don’t just look good, they are high-converting performance engines. Great design means one thing, and one thing only – customer engagement.

Website Design

You can look good and perform at the highest levels. But if you look good and don’t perform, who cares?

Design Toolkit

Do you know what looks great on a mobile phone? Your website. 67% of your customers agree.

Conversion Metrics

Great design means achieving results. Data and testing lead to continual improvement.

Data Analysis

If you are not collecting data from your website visitors and search metrics you’re flying blind. We can hook up your domains, websites and search consoles to work together creating a powerful data collection system.

SEO Keyword Analysis

It’s absolutely critical to track the most relevant keywords for your business (and your competitors) over time to see if you’re improving or dropping.

Website Analytics

Without accurate website data on your users – like where they come, what they were searching for – you are flying blind. Integration with analytics is essential to success.

Console Performance

Integrating Google Serch Console with Analytics is critical to access valuable data on your customer acquisition through search. We are experts in data collection and website analytics.


This is the sexy end of the activity spectrum. The reason why high-performance websites get great results from marketing is that they are already fast and well-designed.


And here we are. The holy grail of websites everywhere. Your website’s search rank is the result of getting everything else right.

Content Marketing

There are only 2 links that people click – the ads at the top, or the content that Google decides is relevant to you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing works! Never underestimate the value of building your own email lists and speaking directly with your customers.


The holy grail of online businesses is to find the path to spending $1 on advertising to return $2 in profit. Paying for advertising is incredibly effective if you have a high-performing website that can be continuously tuned to increase conversion rates.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords remains an incredibly powerful platform for getting in front of your desired audience.

Google Shopping

Integrated Google Merchant Centre feeds is the turbo-charger for online shopping businesses.

Social Media Advertising

Effective social media campaigns are the icing on the victory cake when integrated with your data tools.

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